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Love at work: Pros and cons

Having a loving relationship with someone at work can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also have some drawbacks.

It is common that with the amount of hours we spend at work, many people find their better half in the company they go to every day. In fact, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management. 24% of employees have ever experienced a relationship with someone at work. But is a sentimental and work relationship possible? Today we talk about the pros and cons of love at work.

Love stories during office hours are usually exciting and leave you with much more desire to work in the mornings, but if the thing is strengthened, the relationship can be affected by the fact of spending most of the day together. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living an employment romance.

Love at work: let’s start with the cons

Mixing the personal with the professional is always a risk: Will it work? Will it harm our careers? And if the relationship works, how will it be to see you at all times?

Distribution of roles

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As not all cases are the same, the first thing you have to assess when starting a relationship with a co-worker is to analyze your position in the company, is your boss? Do you work side by side or do you just agree? And the fact that one of the two has to send the other can become a problem, since the other person can not take very well that they have to make a rebuke about their work, or perhaps the boss or boss can cost him to separate his professional status in personal life together. What is known as “excess leadership” in the relationship.

In these cases, it is best to leave the limits and roles from the beginning, both in the labor relationship and sentimental, so there is no confusion between them.

The gossip of the companions

Another difficulty can be the rest of coworkers. To avoid gossip, misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations, the most recommended is to maintain the relationship with discretion, at least until the relationship is formalized and becomes a serious love relationship. Only tell the most compatible work colleagues (if they exist), but if the work environment is very competitive, be careful with your work decisions, because the rest can see you as a threat and some bad thought may think that you are not impartial in your decisions and attitudes.

Too much time together

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However, one of the main challenges faced by couples who live their love at work , is the fact of spending so many hours a day together. It is clear that at the beginning it is wonderful and you will not want to leave it in seconds, but if everything goes well and you decide to go live together, you may wish to have a little time to be alone or with other people .

The ideal is that you learn to maintain your own space, both in the workplace and sentimental. For example, at work it is important that you respect the work decisions of the other as if you were simple companions, without judging, and in your private life give you your personal space with friends and hobbies that you do not share.

The advantages of love at work: There are also pros

But not everything was going to be a disadvantage (with a solution if you put effort), but having a relationship with someone at work also has many positive things, even at work. In fact, a survey from the University of Massachusetts considers that sentimental relationships in the workplace increase productivity by 20%. AHA! There’s nothing like being happy at work because you’re in love, right? In addition, you will feel much more identified with your partner when you have a work problem, since both can understand you much better. But the labor issue is not the only advantage of having a love relationship at work. On a sentimental level there are many others.

You know your partner much better

The fact of spending so much time together, seeing your partner in difficult situations and on a daily basis, helps you to know what it is like, in both its positive and negative aspects, which usually helps to improve communication and mutual understanding .

Hobbies are found in common

If the work is of motivational type you will both be happy to share your passion together, and if not, the fact of working hard will give you the opportunity to go to work with a smile every morning, in addition to knowing yourself enough to find hobbies and points in common.

You can spend more time together

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Some couples work so many hours a day that they can barely agree to enjoy being together. If you are co-workers, at least you can share other intimate moments, such as lunch or rest that would otherwise be like a dream.

Improve your empathic ability and problem solving

If you work side by side you will know enough to know how to react to a problem or a moment of success, so that your empathic capacity can develop widely in the sentimental field if you have good emotional intelligence. In addition, understanding the situations that you go through at work will provide you with a wide range of communication and empathy that may not always be possible with other couples. That is, you can put yourself in the shoes of the other.

If love has arrived at work and is reciprocated, think that you only live once, because in addition, you have to admit it, it is not so easy to find a special person, so why not try it? Surely more than once you’ve heard that of ‘who does not risk, does not win’ That is clear about the possible cons and take them as a challenge that you can overcome together. The important thing is that you are clear that you are two professionals, and if the thing goes wrong, this should not influence your professional career.


Couples with children can also enjoy Valentine’s Day. We propose a series of ideas for you and yours to enjoy one of the most emotional celebrations of the year.

February 14 can also be celebrated as a family. Not only are there plans for two, you can spend an unforgettable day with your family and make your own tribute to Cupid. The fact that you have had children does not mean that you have to stop celebrating this celebration in which love and friendship are worshiped. Organize something special for your family and enjoy the day distributing a lot of love. If every day you share your love with your partner and your family, why not do the same on February 14? We give you some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. It seems that when you have children, you have to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day, but nothing is further from reality. You can take advantage of this date to spend a good day with the family. There are numerous alternatives.

Decorate the house with Valentine motifs

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Help your children to make paper hearts, buy flowers … and make your house reflect that it is not just another day, but a very special date. Here we give you some ideas to decorate your house on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s gifts among all

ideas to celebrate valentine with the children

Give some detail among all the members of the family. You can buy those of the children and encourage them to think of something to give to their brothers and to you. Strengthen family ties. Another option is to exchange gifts with your own hands, like these Valentine heart gloves.

Prepare a special Valentine’s dinner together

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For breakfast or lunch, prepare a special Valentine’s meal for everyone. If you do not have much time, make the dessert special. There are many alternatives for that day in the bakeries. Another option is to go out to eat outside the house on the occasion of the celebration.

Valentine’s party at home

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Make a small party at home. You can invite a friend of the children and their parents or more family members. The idea is that this special day you can celebrate together the day of love and friendship.

Heart shaped cookies

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The children will have a special time with a family pastry session where you create cookies and heart shaped sweets and surprise each other. And if you want to surprise the whole family on Valentine’s Day, do not miss this cookie cake to fall in love with Valentine’s Day.

Create a fun Valentine’s game

Ceelebrate Saint Valentine in family

You can hide different cards with tests of the family love of Valentine’s Day such as hugs, kisses, make an improvised gift, a drawing … You will have a great time enjoying it with your family and your children will learn to appreciate the importance of love.

Seek a moment for yourselves

plans to celebrate valentine with the children

And, of course, when the children go to bed, you can enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s evening with your partner in your own home.

Who said that you can only enjoy Valentine’s Day as a couple? Turn this celebration into a party with your partner and your children, the people you love the most in the world. Can there be a better plan?


If you want to break up with your partner, there are better ways to do it than these methods that under no circumstances should you follow.

Your relationship has been broken for a long time, it does not satisfy you and you have decided to break up with your partner. Of course, you are on your right to do so, which does not mean that you can give yourself the license to leave your partner in any way. These methods of breaking are forbidden, so do not follow them, because the break can end badly.

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Respect must prevail over anything, even in a breakup, so it is best to be direct and frank with your feelings towards your partner at the moment of speaking with her and leaving the relationship. That is always the best way to break up with someone, face to face, using some of these phrases to end a relationship without dramas that can save you from uncomfortable situations.

But what you must be clear is that there are things that can not be tolerated, and the fact that you no longer love your partner does not redeem you from being respectful with her and try not to feel embarrassed, offended or humiliated.

So if you want to be a decent person and be able to look in the mirror after the breakup, these are the ways to end your partner that under no circumstances should you follow.

Break with a WhatsApp message

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There is no more impersonal and creeping way than using WhatsApp to break up with your partner. If you want to offend the person who has shared your life with you (even for a short time), that is the correct method. But if you do not want to make her feel bad and affect her self-esteem, forget about ending the relationship by WhatsApp. Maybe it’s easier for you to write a text message, but for your partner to know your decision in this way will be a resounding shock. Do not do it.

Send an email explaining your reasons

Do you think that sitting down to write a long email is a worthy way to break ?. Of course not, even if it’s a very long email, it ‘s totally impersonal, easy to do and it shows that your partner has never cared. At least that’s how you’ll feel when you receive your absurd mail.

If you express yourself better in writing, you can give a farewell letter in which you show your feelings, but always after having a face-to-face conversation with your partner. Remember that respect is the most important thing.

Have pre-rupture sex

Many couples have post-rupture sex as a loving way to say goodbye. Not always the ruptures end so badly, it depends on the situation. But sleeping with your partner as if everything was fine and then give a speech break, is extremely creepy.

Changing the status of Facebook

Has it crossed your mind to do it this way? But what’s wrong with you? Forget it completely because your partner will feel deeply humiliated, you can even affect their self-esteem.

You can not change the status of Facebook without notifying your partner because you can cause chaos in your social networks. Imagine that your partner finds out about your break up because he receives a lot of notifications of encouragement for the breakup. Definitely, the technologies are not good to leave a relationship.

Break up with your partner in front of other people

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The break is an intimate moment and nobody has to feel embarrassed or humiliated in public when your partner decides to end the relationship. You do not know how that person needs to react, and you will not be able to do so if there are relatives, friends or other people in front of you. Also, nobody has to know the reasons for your breakup, that is something private and intimate.

Leave your partner on vacation

Believe it or not, it happens many times more than you think. Sometimes it is not programmed and during a moment as intimate as holidays, the couple’s problems come to light and may end in a break. However, if you already know that you want to break up with your partner, better do it before the holidays, the justest thing is for your partner to know the situation and not be deluded in a moment as a trip together. And if the holidays are already imminent, wait for a little, you will do much less damage.

On his birthday

No comment. Maybe leaving a person on his birthday is as creepy as there may be.

If you want to break your relationship as a couple, it is best to take notes of these tips to end a relationship just started and follow these steps to get out of a toxic relationship, in case you need them.


It is very common for money to become one of the reasons that more couple arguments cause. If this is your case, take note of these useful tips.

The economic factor becomes one of the elements that cause a greater number of discussions within the relationship. Money problems can shake up a relationship since they bring to light some insecurities in both partners, even though we believe that it is stable and that it is based on solid foundations. What should be done when the economic factor becomes an obstacle for a relationship to move forward?

The times of economic crises make money problems reach a great importance in life as a couple. The high number of unemployed people (mostly women), the drop in salaries and the increase in many taxes cause the family economy to falter and not enjoy the stability it enjoyed before.

All these factors cause the issue of money management to the surface and cause small daily frictions that, in the long run, wear down and undermine the relationship. And is that when money is scarce the pressure increases, many couples begin to hide their personal purchases and even feelings of anxiety, anguish and loneliness occur when the couple does not communicate properly and does not join to solve the situation.

Measures so that money does not destroy your relationship

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Nothing should interfere with your partner’s happiness, much less money, but what should be done to avoid it? Here you have a series of possible measures to avoid that the economic factor is the culprit that your relationship falls apart.

Sit down and talk about your money problems

Communication is one of the bases of the couple and money should be also. Although many times talking about money may seem a little frivolous or out of place, we have to be clear about this aspect. Money is part of our life and, therefore, of our relationship, so that it is useless to try to deny it. When a couple sits down to talk about their finances openly, the tension over the issue of money disappears automatically.

Search for an action plan

The idea is to comment on the important expenses that have or will be made and analyze their pros and cons. It is not advisable to say at the outset a resounding “no” to an expense proposal made by your partner, as it will create tension and distrust. Express your opinion, but always with arguments and reasoning.

To help you with your economy, we recommend you read how to make an annual savings plan step by step and these tips to get financial freedom and not drown in debt.

Create agreements on the contributions of the couple

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The fact that one of the partners contributes more money than the other does not have to be a problem. If the two of you are in love and love each other, the most natural thing is to share the money and have everything be the two, without anyone feeling less than the other.

In any case, there is no basic rule about the distribution of money in the couple. Actually, the important thing is that both of you agree with the way you contribute economically, an agreement that should make both parties happy. The most expected can be a generous attitude to the economic situation of the other, but if it is not so, it is best not to judge and reach economic agreements that satisfy you.

Share financial responsibility

It is not beneficial for the couple that only one is responsible for the administration and the family economy since it can make the other person feel inferior and dependent, two very negative feelings for any relationship. On other occasions, the member of the couple who deals exclusively with the family economic administration may be overwhelmed, especially in times of crisis.

The best thing is that you share tasks in terms of financial responsibility so that your opinions and needs are always taken into account, and so you can balance the work and responsibility of the family economy.

If you notice that the monetary aspect is raising a wall between you and your partner, try to carry out some of these tips and you will see how the problem is solved and you return to enjoy your coexistence. Of course, both you have to put on your part.

In addition, you may be interested in this information on how to avoid couple crises for overwork and help you with these phrases to avoid couple discussions that work.

Finance Relationship

Every job can sometimes come in so many characters that when you return home you do not have literally anything. If you are not ready to change your job, it is a good way to stay the next day to relax at home.

The following list does not apply to people whose work is a pleasure, and such are certainly present. If you have made your hobby a way to make money, then we can only applaud. After all, they know that if your hobby is your job, you do not have to work really hard.

Image result for Top 5 ways to relax after work!

1. Hands that heal

No, we are not talking about a program on one of Polish television, during which a gentleman tried to “heal” the audience with his energy, and finally asked for “shaking hands”. But in that one charlatan was right: hands can heal.

For relaxation, first put your hands together on your face so that your little toes rest on closed eyelids, fingers pointing at your ears, and thumbs on your jaw. Just a few minutes to find inner peace. Remember to get rid of bad energy after all!

2. Legs can also heal

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Since it was about upper limbs, there must be something mentioned about lower limbs called sometimes legs. A person who is standing very well knows what it means to have swollen legs and how much it can go wrong. So how quickly and in an ad hoc way with your legs?

Lay down on the floor and straighten your legs up on the wall in a vertical position. In this way the blood flows to the heart faster, bringing our legs to rest and in addition it prevents varicose veins.

3. Bath in the bath

Hot water and bathtub is probably one of the oldest and certainly the most blessed ways to relax. But what about the hot bath in the bath so nice and so relaxing? If you add to this the appropriate salts, fragrant world and a bit of good reading then relaxation will be guaranteed.Although it is true that such baths are the domain of women, nothing prevents the gentlemen from trying such a form of relaxation.

4. Relax in the UK: a cup of tea

Nothing special would seem. Here is the usual tea, which is tasted daily. However, a cup of good chamomile tea after work will leave you stressed at work and not carry it home and household. Salvage can also be lemon balm, verbena, and even plain lemon.

5. Massage

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After work, go for several dozen minutes of massage. Even so short time can bring a very soothing result, because the hands of a professional massage therapist relaxes the stressful muscles of the day so that they can relax with their cramped nerves.


Escaping from debt does not mean that problems in Poland have disappeared. In turn, debt does not mean endless troubles – there are ways to get away from financial problems. How to do it and who to report …? We present the story, which encompasses the lives of thousands of Poles living in exile today.

Debt begins where life gets complicated

Robert is a young man who takes the first steps in an adult, independent life. In love with no memory in Monice, decides to declare. Buying a ring consumes all of his savings, but he does not care about it because he got a job in a new, promising company. His fiancé is ascetic, together they plan for a future together.They organize a modest wedding, take a mortgage and buy a small apartment in the center of Katowice.Then everything starts to get complicated. Monika is in an unplanned pregnancy. Robert is panicking, is not ready for fatherhood.

At work everything is ruined, soon after Robert gets a termination. Monica’s parents are trying to help, but young people do not want to live on their own so they take a quick loan for a large amount. Later one more and one more … Money is given away, they do not even have to prove their solvency. A big cash injection is for them as a salvation – they can buy a trolley, crib, repaint the room, pay off another loan installment.

Soon the cash is over, the next few months, and the brides are trying to fix another “hole” in the payments.But this is not enough. They are therefore obliged to repay the former. They do not know yet that the loop is tight. Now it will only be worse … Finally, the creditors will demand repayment obligations. Robert receives the first payment order and learns that the bailiff is in danger. He knows he has to do something – and it’s fast.

– Debt is often the result of ill-considered and hasty decisions. The story of Mr. Robert is fictitious, but it was based on thousands of real, familiar situations. During the day-to-day work, we meet people who have fallen for various reasons on the bend and do not know how to get back straight. They usually do not realize that further debt is not a solution – says Łukasz Białkowski, co-owner of the Debtors’ Office, which runs the Debtor Portal.

Fleeing abroad like a lifebuoy

Robert’s situation is getting worse. Debt grows, no one wants another loan. The debtors urge you to pay – there is no problem when someone calls or writes emails, but the situation gets boring when at 6 am the debt collector pounded on the door while waking up the whole block. Everything is out of control, Robert does not understand why the amount to repay so significantly increased, begins to lose in the legal-financial jargon of documents and does not know what to do. Feeling soggy and tired. The only hope he sees in moving abroad. He wants to leave behind all the problems and completely change his life and his family. It would seem to be the best solution …

“Every one of us wants to escape sometimes, to go somewhere far, to disappear from the field of vision, and thus to forget about the problems. Debtors emigrate in fear of the bailiff, but should be aware that such a move is only a dodge, not a solution. It is worthwhile to calmly rethink our situation and prepare a strategy of action – adds Łukasz Białkowski.

Going abroad does not make the long run disappear

Escaping the bailiff can delay some problems for a while, but they will not go away. Debt continues to grow and systematically grows with further costs and interest. You should think about debt. In such activities, experienced lawyers can assist you effectively in the negotiation with your creditors and / or court hearings.

– The first step in our work is always to thoroughly analyze the documents that give us a full picture of the situation, and we can propose a strategy to rid the client of debt. We are not able to win all the negotiated or process cases, but our efficiency is 70 – 80% – says Łukasz Białkowski.

Imagine that our hero is reporting to our law firm. The attorneys are given a power of attorney and, after consultation with the customer, initiate a debt recovery process. Mr. Robert finally understands his position and sees the possibility of leaving the debt loop. The law firm negotiates with creditors in order to restructure loan agreements, while the others represent the pending processes for payment. Mr. Robert would probably be amazed at how many cases fall into the courts and that there is such a significant reduction in debt …

“For years we have been combining negotiations with procedural defense and knowledge with experience.Only this combination of two seemingly contradictory actions brings the best results. If the above story was not invented for the article, we would probably celebrate another big success – ends Łukasz Białkowski .


Fellatio, it is nothing but caressing the mouth of a male penis. In Polish, and not only in vocabulary, this activity has dozens of names, not necessarily nice sounding, and often even vulgar.

A woman who caresses the male genitals according to some “doing ice cream”, according to others, “slips” or “doing cane”. It’s hard to argue about the nomenclature, in the end it’s a pleasure to come here, not a name. But can every woman know how to make a man of maximum pleasure? Do you have to have the innate talent to learn it?

If you thought that oral sex was invented for pornographic purposes, you are in a great error. Oral sex was great in ancient Egyptians, not to mention the debauched Greeks in ancient times. For one reason, one of the souvenirs that can be brought from contemporary Greece is all kinds of gadgets with drawings of ancient games in which the fellatio, whether it is a double, or a triangle, and even a quadrangle, plays the main role.

The porn industry in the 70’s …


The big day is already here. At last! Everything is ready and under control or we believe in many occasions. But beware !, there are always things that we miss, for that and for your great day to be perfect, we show you the 10 mistakes that make 9 out of 10 brides , aim!

1. To believe that everything must be organized by itself, as if by magic

Many times you may think that a wedding is just a big party but it is not. After Day B, there are many months of work and planning by the bride and groom to help you organize every detail. That is why, when you receive the ordering ring, it is best to start thinking about each element so that nothing is forgotten and for that the ideal would be a wedding planner team that will help you to make every detail perfect, from the First time until the day of the wedding.

The nerves will be the main protagonists during all this time and, in many occasions they can betray you, for that the best thing is to leave everything in the hands of professionals experts in the sector of the weddings. You’ll save a lot of headaches! Adornments, decoration, dress, place of celebration, invitations, photographer, ceremony, banquet … There are many things to look out for and take a large list of decisions in which you will need help, as nothing is organized as by art Magic and a much lesser wedding.

2. Make a perfect wedding for others, but not for you.

This is one of the major mistakes that most brides make. Yes, it is true that it is a wedding and many people will pass by that big day, but not because of it you have to organize a link according to the tastes of others.

You have long been waiting for that great day, next to the perfect man, accompanied by the closest relatives and dearest friends, do not let you always remember that day with a feeling of disappointment. That day is for you, for you! Accept it and forget what others think . The wedding is yours and everything has to be to your liking. Do not choose a romantic wedding dress if you prefer a different and very personal wedding. Do not make this big mistake!

Makeup Jorge Fortes for Oui Novias. Photo: Irene Sekulic

3. Delegate to your friends some decisions

It is true that after the invitation to the wedding, good friends are always willing to help and, with so many things to resolve and decide, we often choose to delegate some things to them, but it is not always the right choice. Sometimes it goes well but other times it is not so and a small decision ends up ruining everything.

They are your friends and they know you but their tastes are not yours and your wedding is not your big day, therefore, for much work you have, do not let your friends delegate any task  of organizing your wedding, are your thing. Many are the cases where the wedding day arrives, the DJ does not prick the bride’s favorite songs or the floral decoration of the ceremony is not according to what you had thought. Your friends and family can look out for you, help you and accompany you in the decisions, but these must be yours to make everything go as you always dreamed.

4. Think about saving continuously

The DIY decoration of a wedding allows you to hold a very original link, but you need to have experience in it and know how to make beautiful creations so that everything is a success. Many people consider that entrusting the task of wedding organization to a professional is an unnecessary expense of money. But it is not entirely true, if you want to make a dream link, the participation of professionals  will make the big day come very close to what you had thought. Photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, catering … It will be much better for experts in each sector to take care of every part of your wedding!

Norma Grau

5. Neglect the organization of the ceremony

When planning a wedding, we always concentrate our efforts on finding the best venue, the most exquisite restoration, a good photographer, the ideal music … But what about the ceremony? Whether religious or civil, it is arguably the most important part of the wedding day. It will be the moment in which you unite as a marriage, prepare the readings, the times, some special moment that makes those moments fun and exciting, and think about everything in your happiness. The moment of “yes I want” will always remember you!

6. Do not try on the wedding dress

Yes, we know that it is very obvious that you will attend the test of the dress, which girlfriend does not? But it is not only that, trying on the dress in front of your friends is necessary to see if the arrangements are correct, we still advise you to move in her. Embrace your mother as if it were the wedding day, walk a few minutes, check that you can perform all the movements you will do on day B , with accessories, shoes and veil if you wear. It is very important that day be as comfortable as possible!

Pemberley Photography

7. Give up one’s personality 

One of the most common and obvious mistakes. As we said before, marriage is just your thing, do not let anyone influence you when making a decision. It must be a romantic film in which you feel the actress but also also the protagonist , because that day everything has to be to your liking and according to your personality. Do not allow anyone to camouflage or force you to organize things that do not go with you, but reflect your tastes 100%.

8. Set aside the hairstyle and make-up test

Many are brides that only focus on the dress for the wedding day. Error! It is true that the model you choose will reflect 70% of your look. But, as the saying goes, the face is the reflection of the soul and that day more than ever will be the one that you should look radiant. For this, you must do a test of makeup and hairstyle according to the wedding dress you have chosen and let you comb by the same professional on the day of the link. The rush and the nerves will betray you if you plan to do it alone on such an important day. Take your time and do several tests until you get the look you feel divine!

Maggie Sottero

9. Forget special thanks to suppliers

Of course, you should thank the friends and family who helped make the great day perfect, including those who have contributed to your wedding list with a gift. But, without a doubt, you do not have to forget a personalized thank you to those who were involved to the maximum so that you always remember the day of your wedding as the happiest: photographer, wedding planner , decorator, hairdresser, etc. One of the most frequent mistakes is not to include a table for them at the banquet, do not forget! They will work all day so that in your wedding nothing goes wrong, even you will like that they are present at certain times.

10. Having Wrong Expectations

The success of the wedding is perhaps of the things that matter most to us in life, yet you can not break your head with false expectations that in much differ from the actual result . Things happen as they have to be, it is true that planning during the previous months helps make the big day perfect but finally everything will be different than you had thought from the beginning. What it is about is the great day you enjoy, without tensions or stress, creating a day full of pleasant moments to remember with a huge smile.

Sweetcandy Photographie



Whether you have problems in your relationship or you ended up with your partner, it is very natural to want to return with your ex after a while.

Methods to recover your exMaybe you wonder, how do I get my ex-partner back?. Today I prepared an article where I show you 3 effective methods that will help you recover your ex-partner.

These tips that I will mention below should be taken into account. In the end, I recommend a very good page, where they talk about more methods and techniques to recover your ex-partner.

Method 1.- You should not message or call your ex-partner after you have finished. This is a very common error that people who want to recover their partner, send many messages, calls, emails etc daily !!. This instead of helping makes things worse because instead of regaining your ex-partner, you’re bothering her.

Remember, they are over for something. It is very necessary that your ex-partner need time alone. If you put pressure on your ex-partner trying to communicate with you daily, what you’re going to achieve is to be more distant from you. Although it sounds contradictory, it actually works. If you want me to return, cut off the communication with your ex. Later I recommend a page where they show you the complete strategy, where you will know what to do after cutting that communion.

Method 2 .- You must be happy after having broken with your partner. Many of the first symptoms that many people do after ending their ex-partner is showing a very depressive mood, they always look sad, all day they are thinking about that person and lamenting that things could have been Another way. That will not help you at all !!.

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You must show another countenance, even if inside you are totally shattered because you are done with your partner. Let everyone see that you have a happy semblance, do not even realize what you are going through. After all, no person will want to return to someone who has a depressed mood.

If you show a positive, strong, strong face, face to face will serve you to feel much better and above all show, the world your good qualities and you can move forward no matter the situation. When your ex-partner sees your attitude, they will be highly interested in you again.

Method 3. Relax and stay calm. It is very difficult when you end up with the person you love, with the one who shared many happy moments, for that reason the most likely thing is to lose control after a break situation. You must stay calm and relax

When it comes to seeing your ex, instead of blaming, complaining, etc., you must be friendly, keep a situation under control and above all be nice. On the contrary, if you get angry, cry, or beg because it comes back to you, you will keep it farther away.

Finally, I want to recommend some books that have helped hundreds of people to recover their ex-partner, there they talk about more effective methods and above all a strategy from start to finish so that you quickly recover your partner.

It should be mentioned that the strategies are different for women and for men who want to recover their partner. For this reason, the books are different.

If you are a woman and you need to learn about male psychology and how to use it in your favor so that your ex will beg you to return, then the book “Recover Your Man” is for you


Many of us do not know how to like a shy boy , and it upsets us not knowing what to do exactly. So in this article I want to share some tricks that will come very well to conquer it.

Like a shy guy

The first thing you must do is to feel comfortable with yourself, without pressure or discomfort. You should go show him your personality little by little. Unfortunately, many of us have been accustomed to it being the man who takes the initiative. But it really is a way of thinking a little old. In the XXI century, every woman should be able to take the initiative on the issues that interest her.

You will necessarily have to take the first step , so if you expected otherwise, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Just do it calmly and always waiting for the right time to act with intelligence. Neither should you let him feel inferior to you.

How to get lucky with a simple guy by applying 8 simple tricks

  1. Accidental or casual approach

You must keep in mind that in order to get a boy to talk to you, and even more so if he is shy, you should treat him with total normality. So try to make some casual contact on some subject that is not very personal.  Use your imagination , it can be about the weather, the work, a teacher, whatever. You must be nice in this first contact

  1. Invite it to your social networks

Once you have made the first contact successfully, you can invite him to connect with your social networks. It will not intimidate you too much, so he can take the time to give you an answer, without any trouble.

  1. Taking contact a few times a week

Once you have rite the initial ice, either with the first contact, or because you have already added to the social networks, it is a good time to start to tighten a loop , and thus will be seen as it is. After you have achieved confidence by playing casual subjects, you will be able to start talking about a little more personal topics, such as your hobbies, vacations, life plans, travel, music, etc.

  1. Analyze your feelings

If you want to get to please a man, you must get closer to the most personal and intimate of him. If you succeed in successfully completing the previous point, it is time to ask him what he is looking for in a person. And you should start giving hints that you are looking for someone like him. Do not tell him directly, but let him understand.

  1. Subtle physical contact

Do not ask him if he likes to be touched or not, do it at once and watch his reaction. With a pat on the shoulder is enough, I do not tell you to take it by the hand. If you do not like it, then do not do it anymore. If you notice that it does not bother you, or that you even like it, do it more often.

  1. Propose to go out together

This proposal should be done when they are alone, and in an environment that you know is comfortable. You should not press it, that’s why you should avoid tense environments for him.  We want you to tell us yes because you really want and not because of pressure or because you do not look bad. Timid guys do not like to go out to places with too many people. So you can propose to watch a movie in your house, or go to eat somewhere not very crowded.

  1. Increase your ego

Every person has their ego, so you must find a way to increase their self-esteem. Make him feel very comfortable and confident when he is by your side. Let her help you with something, make a fool of yourself even if you know how to do it. The idea is to feel useful to you. If you want to fall in love with a man, you must attend to his primary instincts, letting him protect you and help you.

  1. Keep interest in it

Find out what he likes to do, his hobbies, and share those common interests you have with him. If you do not share anything, do not pretend,simply ask open-ended questions about what you like , so you will show respect for your interests, which is a key in every relationship.