Advantages of making love after a nap

If you have never considered making love after napping before, maybe it’s time to take advantage of all the advantages. Keep reading.

Do you know what is the best time to make love with your partner? If you do not just agree with your partner about the time of day when you both have more desire, there is an intermediate solution. The NAP! Do not you believe it? Find out why.

Lately, you do not interpenetrate, when he wants you not and vice versa. But you know? you are not the only ones because a large percentage of couples are in the same situation. Do not match! You know why?

The best time to make love

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It turns out that the biorhythms of women and men are totally different, or rather contrary. And is that while men have their highest levels of testosterone in the early hours of the morning, the peak time is 7:45 according to a survey by Lovehoney, the sex toy company. The opposite is true for women, naturally, their libido is higher during the night (23:21 to be exact). Pure and hard biology.

So the morning scene in which the boy is willing to everything and the girl rejects him, does not have to do with his breath smell, but the libido of most women is on the floor.

Homosexual couples do not have so many problems with the sexual clock, but heterosexual couples usually find themselves in these strange situations that they often do not understand. In fact, the sociological study Ulises affirms that more than 33% of Spanish women and almost 23% of Spanish men acknowledge having made love without wanting more than once. The idea is that sex is a reason for enjoyment in the couple, not an obligation, so the ideal is to find the perfect moment for it. But wich ones?

Making love after a nap: the perfect solution?

Although biorhythms indicate women and men as opposite beings, most men have good testosterone levels in the early evening hours, at which time women’s libido is not the highest but it is also acceptable. So it is natural that most sexual encounters occur at night, and many times it is the only time of the day that they can coincide.

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However, it is also known that fatigue kills libido. And when the daily routine, stress, and exhaustion appear, it is difficult for a couple to meet intimately in the most passionate way. In fact, a study from the universities of Michigan and Kent State of Ohio have shown that sleeping well improves sexual desire, especially in the case of women. For us, increasing one hour of sleep can mean an increase of 14% in desiring a physical contact.

So what time of day are we rested and it is neither morning nor night? Yes, mid-afternoon. But usually, only if we take a nap. It seems that resting after about 45 minutes of sleep increases sexual desire, both in men and women.

Therefore, the nap seems the key to a good sex, so it is time to return to that lost habit and enjoy with your partner many more satisfying sexual encounters.

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