All my friends are married: Tips for single thirty-something

We reveal the best tips for single thirty-something because it is not easy to be yourself when all your friends are married.

Your friends have married or are in it and you are in your thirties and you are single, how to survive it? We give you the best tips for single thirty-somethings.

All my friends are married, what to do?

You’re in your thirties, you do not have a boyfriend and above all your friends are married or paired, how to act? How to survive it? How to continue in that group in which you are the only single woman? Do you have to put up with comments like ” do you want me to introduce you to someone? “, And above you have to put on a good face and act as if it does not affect you in the least; Yes, you may not want to have a boyfriend, but that of having to always go out with young people and breathe the love that floats in the air, that’s something else. Attentive to these tips that will make your point of view change.

Be yourself

It seems that we always start the section with this advice: be yourself, but it is the one that works best. Whether you want to have a boyfriend like the others or not to care in the least, the best thing is to be the same, not lose the essence or sense of humor and always see things from the good side, it is a piece of advice that it helps us to see life with optimism and to worry only about the things that really matter. Do you not have a boyfriend? Well then you do not have to give explanations to anyone, nor share your time, nor endure fights …

Find a single friend

Said the above and to make it easier to be in a group of married, we advise you to look for at least one single girlfriend, sure you have some even though you have not seen her for some time, so you can share moments with her and give yourself a break of the departures as a couple.

Moments for girls

Propose to your friends that from time to time you make a girls outing, it is perfect to take care of friendship and both they and they will be happy to have a separate time. Propose plans that you like to party, go for a drink or be at home all together watching a funny movie with a large bowl of popcorn.

Some toys

If you spend the rolls of a night and want to give free rein to the passion, do not hesitate to get some sex toys, you know that it is not necessary to have a partner to enjoy the pleasure whenever you want. Here you can see the best intimate toys for women and here you can know the vibrators in the form of food.

Talk about how you feel

If you have to listen to your friends and their husbands talking about their daily life, and not only that but also about their sexual life, you also talk about yours without any complex. That the night before you have gone out partying and you have slept with a boy of those who takes the hiccups, go ahead, tell everyone. A little envy never hurts …

Finally, it only remains to say that you should never lose friendship with your friends, whether they have a partner or not. For something, they say that the friendship is worth millions and that it is well worth keeping it.

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