Benefits of marijuana in sexual life

Medical cannabis is emerging as a beneficial product for sexual life.

Every time we find more products in countries where medical marijuana is legally focused on improving the sexual life of couples. Today we focus on the benefits of medicinal cannabis in sexual relationships and we show you some of the most popular products on the market.

Benefits of medicinal cannabis in sexual life

The effects of marijuana on sexual relationships, both positive and negative, have been known for some time. In general, it is considered a plant with aphrodisiac properties since it helps to improve the mood and, consequently, the sexual desire. In addition, it is considered that marijuana in minimal doses improves female lubrication. On the contrary, in high doses can affect the libido, cause erectile dysfunction or infertility.

But what legal medicinal cannabis companies are currently focusing on is the relief of premenstrual symptoms, pain in sexual relationships or post-partum pain, which negatively affect women’s sexual relationships. A booming market in which many women are starting to fix and consume or use the products offered because, combined with other natural products, have anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. In addition, some products such as soap pumps help to de-stress couples, so they use them to improve their sexual encounters in times of high stress.

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Before disclosing some products to you, it is important to clarify that not all medicinal marijuana products contain compounds that alter the psyche. In fact, of the 100 different cannabinoids that marijuana contains, marijuana products companies usually focus on two: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that contains numerous properties and is psychoactive, and CBD (cannabidiol) that increases levels of the endocannabinoid natural that we produce in the body, anandamide, known for its ability to produce a state of greater happiness, and which is found in both cannabis and hemp. CBD is not psychoactive.

Now, some medicinal cannabis products focused on improving sexual life are these.

Whoopi & Maya: Products with cannabis

The actress Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with the creator of medicinal cannabis products Maya Elisabeth to found one of the most successful companies of the moment. Whoopi & Maya has different products focused on improving the premenstrual syndrome of women. We are struck by her medical cannabis cocoa paste, which provides two solutions to women during premenstrual syndrome: the desire for chocolate and the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana.

Bath Bomb with Cannabis

Beauty products company De la Beuh has numerous medicinal cannabis products, like this floral bath bomb perfumed with touches of citrus, designed for a relaxing bath that calms your cramps while ‘improving positive thinking’, as it explains in its Web page.

Foria: Vaginal suppositories with THC and CBD

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The famous vaginal suppositories of Foria have analgesic and antispasmodic properties thanks to their formulated combination of cannabinoids THC and CBD, known to relax muscles and release tension and cramps in the body. They are designed to relieve menstrual cramps and thus enjoy a better sexual and personal life.

In addition, Foria has a natural oil based on cannabis and coconut oil that has become famous for its aphrodisiac properties for women and their partners and anal suppositories of medicinal cannabis formulated to improve sexual relations during anal play.

Apothecanna: intimate cannabis oil

Apothecanna’s intimate cannabis oil enriched with Jazmin, coconut and argan improves sensitivity and increases blood flow, thus having exciting properties. In addition, the firm offers creams with cannabis with calming effects for menstrual or rheumatic pains and lotions to improve circulation.

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