Caresses that ignite the passion

Some caresses can melt in an instant. Know what caresses have the ability to ignite the passion.

The pleasure of a caress is incomparable. There are loving and affectionate caresses, with which you can feel loved or protected. But there are other caresses that we cannot resist, the caresses that ignite the passion, that make you feel a chill running through your body and that can melt your will instantly, taking you to a night of unforgettable pleasure. Those caresses are the best, right? Know what they are

Caresses in the mouth

A caress with a finger in the mouth, a slight bite or tongue running over the lips. A caress that can make anyone tremble and ideal for preliminary games.

Caresses on the nipples

Caresses that ignite the passion

Both men and women have high sensitivity in the nipples, so stimulating them with caresses, either with hands or lips, ignites the passion to unsuspected limits.

In the neck

Feeling the breath of your partner in the neck, small bites or his hand down the skin of the neck is the most exciting for most people.

A touch on the nape of the neck

Many men have an infallible trick to ignite their partner’s passion. Pass the beard lightly by the nape of the neck. The chills and excitement are assured.

Inside the thighs

The inside of the thighs is an erogenous zone that we often forget. Caresses with hands or lips are very exciting in this area of the body, both for women and men. Believe us, you have to try it.

Cuddling in the abdomen

When you least expect it, your partner begins to gently caress the abdomen with your fingers. You will not be able to resist! Much less if you start to kiss him and slowly go down to the genital area. It is one of the best caresses to increase pleasure.

Caresses while you kiss

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There’s nothing like your partner caressing your neck, the area behind your ears or your chin while you kiss. Any melts before these caresses, right?

With the tips of the fingers on the back

The soft and imperceptible caresses on the back with the tips of the fingers ignite the passion of the coldest couples. And is that the back is a very sensitive area. The chills and excitement are assured with this kind of caresses.

Caresses in the ear

Whispers in the ear, licks in the ear or bites in the lobe will lead to ecstasy your partner.

You know, do not forget the caresses in your sexual encounters and you will have one of the most unforgettable passion nights of your life.

In addition, you can use a body lubricant to give a different and spicy touch to your caresses or try the caresses with the body through an exciting body-to-body massage.

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