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Are you a friend of your ex and have a new partner? Do you fear that it might affect your relationship? Being friends with an ex may be easy, or not.

“Can I be friends with my ex?” Maybe it’s the million dollar question, but as you can imagine it does not have an easy answer. Just as each relationship is a world, each former relationship also, and depends a lot on the wishes, interests, and needs of both the former partner and the new partner. Do you want to know if you can be friends with your ex?

Although some studies claim that being friends with your ex may indicate psychological problems, the truth is that it is a common and quite real issue in many former couples. When one of them or both decide to break the relationship, sometimes they pose, are we still friends? Sometimes they continue a sincere friendship, sometimes they may have certain hidden interests behind them or even, it is more than usual to become “friends with benefits”.

Whatever the type of friendship established by the ex, the truth is that if they do not establish clear limits the experiment can end badly, especially when a new partner appears who may not always be willing to understand the nature of this relationship. Therefore, the ideal before venturing to be friends with your ex is to define certain limits with one that will help the process, if desired, be less traumatic and liberating for future couples.

Be honest with yourself

Think about why you want to continue being friends with your ex? Are there still feelings of love towards that person? Do you want to unconsciously keep it close to you? Or maybe you need to continue feeling wanted? There may be thousands of different questions and answers to them, but it is important that you do them, so as not to take your own psyche to a situation that will affect you emotionally, as well as your ex or your new partner.

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Do not take shortcuts

Before beginning a new relationship it is advisable that you overcome your ex. Perhaps for some people, it is obvious, but the famous belief that “a nail is removed with another nail” is actually a shortcut that does not always go so well. In fact, the ideal is that before starting a new relationship with another person you have given yourself the time to overcome your ex. Cry your loss, hate it for a few weeks or reflect on your mistakes with healthy exercises for your emotional state. In this way, whether you are still friends with your ex or not, you will be fully prepared to welcome love in a new relationship and the presence of the ex will not be so traumatic for your new partner. If you do not get it, the Squealing technique can help you forget your ex.

Keep the perspective

After a time of separation, it is very common to forget the reasons why it did not work and create an image about the ex, which ends up having an impact on the new couple. Forget to compare your ex with your current partner, neither for good nor for bad. That will only influence the shadow of your ex in your new relationship and will not allow you to accept your new partner completely.

Do not include it in your new love life

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It’s one thing for your ex to be your friend and quite another to talk about him constantly with your new partner. It is fine if you present it to him because he is your friend, but if you feel a brutal need to talk about your ex with your new partner, ask yourself, why do I want to talk about my ex? It may be because you miss him or maybe because you unconsciously want your new partner to be jealous of your ex. If so, we advise you to stop and again ask yourself why you have these desires (they do not always have to take you to still love him, maybe you have problems of self-esteem, jealousy or emotional dependence).

Set the limits with your ex

Maintaining the limits on the nature of your relationship is fundamental to the emotional health of both. In fact, if you still have a relationship with benefits it is not advisable to consider a new relationship with another person. It will not work, because sex means you have not cut off the emotional ties with your ex yet. In addition, it is important that you have clear these limits so as not to make your new partner suffer. Make sure that your new partner understands the capacity of relationship that you have with your ex and tries not to get defensive in the moments of doubts of your partner. Understanding will be the best way to deal with them.

As you see, it’s not about whether or not you can be friends with your ex. Each situation and each relationship is a world, but if you want to maintain a relationship of friendship with your ex the important thing is that you learn to establish limits that will benefit you both.

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If you think you know your partner well, these are the basic questions you should be able to answer without thinking twice.

Sometimes we think we know everything about our partner, but maybe that is impossible. A bit of mystery is always encouraging, especially in long relationships, where it is important to know each day something new about our partner. However, there are some essential things we should know about our partner to be able to say that we know her. These are the questions about your partner that you should be able to answer without blinking. Attentive!

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  1. Which is your favorite color? Maybe it’s the typical question, but knowing is basic to know the tastes of your partner.
  2. What is the name of their parents? If you do not know them, it’s time to learn them all at once.
  3. And the name of his brothers or sisters? Yes, of course.
  4. Does he like animals? Prefers cats or dogs, or exotic animals …
  5. Do you have any allergies? Fundamental to know if you can invite him to a dinner with peanuts or if he can visit your house because you have a cat …
  6. Do you have another name? A second name or a family mote …
  7. Is it spiritual? It is important to know if you believe in God or belong to any religion when thinking about your compatibility.
  8. What color are your eyes? You do not know? You’re on the wrong path …
  9. Do you have any distinctive mark on your body? Vaccines, moles … If you know your partner well you know that.
  10. What is your favorite sweet? Delicious!
  11. Which are your hobbies? Knowing what you do in your spare time is very important to find things in common and for future gifts …
  12. What kind of books do you read? If you read, of course.
  13. Who is your best friend? It is important that you know that person because it is a fundamental part of your partner’s life.
  14. What has been your unforgettable trip? And if you have not had it yet, it’s time for it to be with you.
  15. What place would you like to go in your life? If you still do not know him, this is the time to ask him so that one day you can help your partner to make his dream come true.
  16. What did I want to be as a child? If you know this question means that you have already had a deep conversation about your childhood …
  17. Do you want to get married someday?
  18. And have children? It is not about overwhelming anyone, but it is important to be clear so that there will be no clashes in the future …
  19. Do you know how to manage your money? Knowing if you are a saving person is also important, especially if you have prospects for the relationship to go one step further.
  20. What passions and dreams do you have in life?
  21. Would I study the same again? Perhaps you think that another type of professional career would be more suitable for him or her … It is important that you know so that you can support your partner.
  22. What is your zodiac sign? If you know it, you know your date of birth.
  23. What’s your favorite movie?
  24. And your song or musical group?
  25. Do you play any sport?
  26. Do you have healthy living habits?
  27. Would you be willing to live outside your city/country?
  28. Have you had any previous important partners?
  29. What do you regret in your life?
  30. Does it make you happy?

It’s the main answer you should be able to say without blinking, right?

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If you have been able to answer more than 90% of the questions with confidence, you are about to know your partner in depth, although you have almost achieved it. If the total answers are between 70-80% you are on the right track, but you still need to know your partner a little more, so take pencil and paper and do a question session with your partner in which you can both get to know you better And if the total number of answers you could complete does not reach 60%, you still need more conversations and time with your partner to get to know it thoroughly. Maybe you are not long together or your communication is not flowing. Work more on it so that little by little you know yourself much better. Luck!

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Can selfies get to damage relationships? If you want to know, read on.

selfies have become the new reason for the breakup of couples … Well, let’s not get too dramatic, so far it does not seem that studies confirm something like that. However, it seems that they are the cause of more than one couple’s argument that can damage the relationship. You know why? Surely you’re imagining it … But, we’ll tell you.

Selfies cause jealousy

Exact! Let’s take a practical example: your boyfriend uploads a selfie in which he is gorgeous, and as if it were a Kardashian, at the moment there are a lot of likes and comments that are somewhat insinuating that make you angry. An innocent selfie can turn into a circle of jealousy for no reason that will end up damaging your relationship if you do not control them.

Jealous people can feel much more insecure even because of their partners’ selfies, where they appear with other friends, where they show a bit of ‘meat’ or simply by showing that they can also be happy with their partner (Something healthy, by the way.) The counterpart feels a complete lack of freedom when his partner reproaches him for why he put that or another photo on his profile, something that he should have the right to do autonomously and privately (even if he shows his life to thousands of people).

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Anyway, a selfie can cause problems, but before nodding as if you were totally in agreement, maybe it would be good if you stopped to ask ‘is it the selfie, is it my partner or am I?’ Because no relationship is built under distrust. If you have problems of pathological jealousy, you should recognize the selfie is just one more excuse and that it is time to start changing some things.

In short, it is not difficult to imagine this and many other situations can trigger couple problems due to a selfie.

Disagreements about ‘what is shown’

Another practical example: your husband loves to put pictures on his social networks for everything you do. When you go to the park with the children, when you go to a restaurant, your new shoes … Sometimes you feel that others live more your life than yourself.

Yes, selfies are also a subject of discussion among couples when one of the members is more introverted and likes to enjoy their privacy. Some even come to recriminate why to show an image of their relationship that is also false or not entirely real. For many people, this can be a real problem to the point of damaging the relationship, so in that sense, it is important to discuss the matter and make agreements.

In addition, many people may feel offended if their partner does not take them into account when publishing something, so they feel it as a selfish act that will obviously end up damaging the relationship.

Narcissism reaches its highest point

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Researchers Daniel Halpern and Sebastián Valenzuela concluded in an investigation that selfies increase levels of narcissism. The more selfies you take, the more narcissistic you become. So those people who have a relationship with a narcissistic partner, they end up pulling their hair at the exaggeration of selfies that your partner takes at all times !.

Listen to me!

For many people, it can be frustrating to have a couple’s date and the phone to come between the two to make a selfie after another. A relationship is a matter of two, not three! Selfies, social networks, Whatsapp, messages, notifications … that end up spoiling the evening. The arguments of the couple for this type of situations are very habitual and can get to damage the relationship. You sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to have a long conversation with your partner.

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Some caresses can melt in an instant. Know what caresses have the ability to ignite the passion.

The pleasure of a caress is incomparable. There are loving and affectionate caresses, with which you can feel loved or protected. But there are other caresses that we cannot resist, the caresses that ignite the passion, that make you feel a chill running through your body and that can melt your will instantly, taking you to a night of unforgettable pleasure. Those caresses are the best, right? Know what they are

Caresses in the mouth

A caress with a finger in the mouth, a slight bite or tongue running over the lips. A caress that can make anyone tremble and ideal for preliminary games.

Caresses on the nipples

Caresses that ignite the passion

Both men and women have high sensitivity in the nipples, so stimulating them with caresses, either with hands or lips, ignites the passion to unsuspected limits.

In the neck

Feeling the breath of your partner in the neck, small bites or his hand down the skin of the neck is the most exciting for most people.

A touch on the nape of the neck

Many men have an infallible trick to ignite their partner’s passion. Pass the beard lightly by the nape of the neck. The chills and excitement are assured.

Inside the thighs

The inside of the thighs is an erogenous zone that we often forget. Caresses with hands or lips are very exciting in this area of the body, both for women and men. Believe us, you have to try it.

Cuddling in the abdomen

When you least expect it, your partner begins to gently caress the abdomen with your fingers. You will not be able to resist! Much less if you start to kiss him and slowly go down to the genital area. It is one of the best caresses to increase pleasure.

Caresses while you kiss

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There’s nothing like your partner caressing your neck, the area behind your ears or your chin while you kiss. Any melts before these caresses, right?

With the tips of the fingers on the back

The soft and imperceptible caresses on the back with the tips of the fingers ignite the passion of the coldest couples. And is that the back is a very sensitive area. The chills and excitement are assured with this kind of caresses.

Caresses in the ear

Whispers in the ear, licks in the ear or bites in the lobe will lead to ecstasy your partner.

You know, do not forget the caresses in your sexual encounters and you will have one of the most unforgettable passion nights of your life.

In addition, you can use a body lubricant to give a different and spicy touch to your caresses or try the caresses with the body through an exciting body-to-body massage.

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We reveal the best tips for single thirty-something because it is not easy to be yourself when all your friends are married.

Your friends have married or are in it and you are in your thirties and you are single, how to survive it? We give you the best tips for single thirty-somethings.

All my friends are married, what to do?

You’re in your thirties, you do not have a boyfriend and above all your friends are married or paired, how to act? How to survive it? How to continue in that group in which you are the only single woman? Do you have to put up with comments like ” do you want me to introduce you to someone? “, And above you have to put on a good face and act as if it does not affect you in the least; Yes, you may not want to have a boyfriend, but that of having to always go out with young people and breathe the love that floats in the air, that’s something else. Attentive to these tips that will make your point of view change.

Be yourself

It seems that we always start the section with this advice: be yourself, but it is the one that works best. Whether you want to have a boyfriend like the others or not to care in the least, the best thing is to be the same, not lose the essence or sense of humor and always see things from the good side, it is a piece of advice that it helps us to see life with optimism and to worry only about the things that really matter. Do you not have a boyfriend? Well then you do not have to give explanations to anyone, nor share your time, nor endure fights …

Find a single friend

Said the above and to make it easier to be in a group of married, we advise you to look for at least one single girlfriend, sure you have some even though you have not seen her for some time, so you can share moments with her and give yourself a break of the departures as a couple.

Moments for girls

Propose to your friends that from time to time you make a girls outing, it is perfect to take care of friendship and both they and they will be happy to have a separate time. Propose plans that you like to party, go for a drink or be at home all together watching a funny movie with a large bowl of popcorn.

Some toys

If you spend the rolls of a night and want to give free rein to the passion, do not hesitate to get some sex toys, you know that it is not necessary to have a partner to enjoy the pleasure whenever you want. Here you can see the best intimate toys for women and here you can know the vibrators in the form of food.

Talk about how you feel

If you have to listen to your friends and their husbands talking about their daily life, and not only that but also about their sexual life, you also talk about yours without any complex. That the night before you have gone out partying and you have slept with a boy of those who takes the hiccups, go ahead, tell everyone. A little envy never hurts …

Finally, it only remains to say that you should never lose friendship with your friends, whether they have a partner or not. For something, they say that the friendship is worth millions and that it is well worth keeping it.

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According to Sternberg’s theory, there are 7 different types of couples. Are you among any of them? Keep reading.

Although we usually say that each couple is a world, it seems that psychology does not agree so, because Sternberg’s “theory of love” ensures that there are 7 types of couples. Do you want to know them?

7 types of couples

The American psychologist Robert Jeffrey Sternberg has been studying the behavior of couples for years, so he has finally created a model in which he classifies couples according to three elements:

  • The commitment: The degree of commitment of each member of the couple defines their willingness to fight for their love and it is the most rational side of the couples.
  • Intimacy: The capacity of intimacy that a couple achieves determines how close they feel to each other, which is why it is fundamental to create emotional and affective bonds in the couple.
  • The passion: The desire that each member of the couple feels towards the other is a necessary sexual component, which determines the type of couple you can be.

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The degrees of intimacy, commitment, and passion that exist in each couple determines seven typologies in the triangular model of the Sternberg. Here are the 7 types of couples.

1. Relationship of affection

The only component that exists in this type of couples is intimacy. They are couples who have built a very close bond in the relationship, but in which sexual desire and commitment are not present. Sometimes, they end up becoming friends, rather than as a couple.

2. Empty love

In this type of couples, there is only the commitment component. An example is those marriages that after many years have ceased to have feelings of love, but it continues to unite a feeling of commitment that translates into a relationship of respect and fidelity. However, these relationships often make their members unhappy and often end up in the breakdown.

3. Capricious relationships

They are those that are based solely on passion. It is the famous ‘infatuation’, intense but fleeting, in which there is a total lack of intimacy and commitment. A strong attraction that fades in the same way that it did, at first sight.

4. Romantic love

According to Sternberg, romantic love usually occurs at the beginning of a relationship. These are relationships where both passion and intimacy are interpenetrated, but there is still no strong commitment between them. Therefore, the commitment will determine the continuation or dissolution of this relationship with time.

5. Fatuous love

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These are somewhat peculiar relationships, where the commitment component exists, but mainly due to the high component of passion. The famous ‘friends with the right to touch’ fall into this category. Finally, these types of relationships do not usually end up creating emotional bonds.

6. Relationship of a sociable couple

When the components of the couple are commitment and intimacy, we are before the sociable love call. It is a type of relationship where sexual desire does not exist, but the affection is so strong that it is usually enough for both people. It happens in long relationships when the passion is extinguished little by little. However, in most cases, the sexual component can be retaken with professional help.

Also, the sociable love is reflected in some deep friendship relations or family relationships, where there is no romantic component but there are affection and commitment.

7. Accomplished love

The consummate love is the so-called ‘complete couple’, the one in which there are three types of components: intimacy, passion, and commitment. The idea of ‘the ideal couple’ may be able to approach this type of love and, although it is difficult to achieve and maintain, it is extremely satisfying.

In order not to lose any of the components and evolve in the relationship, the couple must always make a joint effort to keep alive the spark of their love.

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Medical cannabis is emerging as a beneficial product for sexual life.

Every time we find more products in countries where medical marijuana is legally focused on improving the sexual life of couples. Today we focus on the benefits of medicinal cannabis in sexual relationships and we show you some of the most popular products on the market.

Benefits of medicinal cannabis in sexual life

The effects of marijuana on sexual relationships, both positive and negative, have been known for some time. In general, it is considered a plant with aphrodisiac properties since it helps to improve the mood and, consequently, the sexual desire. In addition, it is considered that marijuana in minimal doses improves female lubrication. On the contrary, in high doses can affect the libido, cause erectile dysfunction or infertility.

But what legal medicinal cannabis companies are currently focusing on is the relief of premenstrual symptoms, pain in sexual relationships or post-partum pain, which negatively affect women’s sexual relationships. A booming market in which many women are starting to fix and consume or use the products offered because, combined with other natural products, have anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. In addition, some products such as soap pumps help to de-stress couples, so they use them to improve their sexual encounters in times of high stress.

Image result for Benefits of marijuana in sexual life

Before disclosing some products to you, it is important to clarify that not all medicinal marijuana products contain compounds that alter the psyche. In fact, of the 100 different cannabinoids that marijuana contains, marijuana products companies usually focus on two: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that contains numerous properties and is psychoactive, and CBD (cannabidiol) that increases levels of the endocannabinoid natural that we produce in the body, anandamide, known for its ability to produce a state of greater happiness, and which is found in both cannabis and hemp. CBD is not psychoactive.

Now, some medicinal cannabis products focused on improving sexual life are these.

Whoopi & Maya: Products with cannabis

The actress Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with the creator of medicinal cannabis products Maya Elisabeth to found one of the most successful companies of the moment. Whoopi & Maya has different products focused on improving the premenstrual syndrome of women. We are struck by her medical cannabis cocoa paste, which provides two solutions to women during premenstrual syndrome: the desire for chocolate and the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana.

Bath Bomb with Cannabis

Beauty products company De la Beuh has numerous medicinal cannabis products, like this floral bath bomb perfumed with touches of citrus, designed for a relaxing bath that calms your cramps while ‘improving positive thinking’, as it explains in its Web page.

Foria: Vaginal suppositories with THC and CBD

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The famous vaginal suppositories of Foria have analgesic and antispasmodic properties thanks to their formulated combination of cannabinoids THC and CBD, known to relax muscles and release tension and cramps in the body. They are designed to relieve menstrual cramps and thus enjoy a better sexual and personal life.

In addition, Foria has a natural oil based on cannabis and coconut oil that has become famous for its aphrodisiac properties for women and their partners and anal suppositories of medicinal cannabis formulated to improve sexual relations during anal play.

Apothecanna: intimate cannabis oil

Apothecanna’s intimate cannabis oil enriched with Jazmin, coconut and argan improves sensitivity and increases blood flow, thus having exciting properties. In addition, the firm offers creams with cannabis with calming effects for menstrual or rheumatic pains and lotions to improve circulation.

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A study suggests that couples that are formed through online dating tend to be more durable and stable.

A scientific study based on mathematical probabilities considers that marriages that arise through online dating are more durable. Are we facing a decisive change in the dynamics of the creation of couples? Keep reading.

Meet your partner in the 21st century

Until the appearance of online dating sites and applications, most couples knew each other through a mutual friend or family reunion. However, what used to be ‘lifelong’ has changed dramatically with the global exchange that the Internet offers.

Image result for Couples that are known by Tinder are more durable and stable

More and more people are looking for a partner through online dating apps, thus increasing their chances of finding that ‘half orange’ that ‘should’ be somewhere on the planet. The rise of citations through applications to link has caused the scientific world to turn its analytical gaze towards these ‘new’ social processes that are now an undeniable reality.

For that reason, every so often we have a new study that tells us that the future of dating will still have a lot to do with technology.

Couples known as Tinder are more durable and stable

One of the latest scientific studies we have known has left more than one mouth open. The common sense of those who still do things ‘like all of life’ could think that a couple who is known through an online dating application like Tinder has no future.

But the millennial generation shows again and again that changes can be good and that there are thousands of ways of doing things. And in love, too. Therefore, the results of the mathematical predictions of the research of Josué Ortega, of the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich, of the University of Vienna, throw data out of all logic of the past and more into the reasoning of the present.

You can not ignore reality and that is what science does. Because it is a fact that one-third of heterosexual marriages and up to 70% of homosexual relationships in the United States start online.

Image result for Couples that are known by Tinder are more durable and stable

According to the researchers, societies, where online dating is available, will produce marriages that are less likely to break. Ortega and Hergovich have reached this conclusion through complex mathematical models that analyze the evolution in the last decades of variables such as marriage, interracial couples and online dating in the United States.

Thus, his predictions point to greater stability in marriages arising from applications and online dating sites, in addition to demonstrating a relationship between the increase of interracial marriages in the United States with online dating applications. And is that, in addition to increasing the likelihood of meeting someone more related to sentimental level, it seems that online dating apps are breaking the boundaries of racism and social exclusion.

We recognize that the study has not stopped to count the number of couples that have not worked in the field of online dating, but this study opens the door to many others where we can better understand what is the current dynamics of love relationships and what will be the trends of the future.

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If you have never considered making love after napping before, maybe it’s time to take advantage of all the advantages. Keep reading.

Do you know what is the best time to make love with your partner? If you do not just agree with your partner about the time of day when you both have more desire, there is an intermediate solution. The NAP! Do not you believe it? Find out why.

Lately, you do not interpenetrate, when he wants you not and vice versa. But you know? you are not the only ones because a large percentage of couples are in the same situation. Do not match! You know why?

The best time to make love

Related image

It turns out that the biorhythms of women and men are totally different, or rather contrary. And is that while men have their highest levels of testosterone in the early hours of the morning, the peak time is 7:45 according to a survey by Lovehoney, the sex toy company. The opposite is true for women, naturally, their libido is higher during the night (23:21 to be exact). Pure and hard biology.

So the morning scene in which the boy is willing to everything and the girl rejects him, does not have to do with his breath smell, but the libido of most women is on the floor.

Homosexual couples do not have so many problems with the sexual clock, but heterosexual couples usually find themselves in these strange situations that they often do not understand. In fact, the sociological study Ulises affirms that more than 33% of Spanish women and almost 23% of Spanish men acknowledge having made love without wanting more than once. The idea is that sex is a reason for enjoyment in the couple, not an obligation, so the ideal is to find the perfect moment for it. But wich ones?

Making love after a nap: the perfect solution?

Although biorhythms indicate women and men as opposite beings, most men have good testosterone levels in the early evening hours, at which time women’s libido is not the highest but it is also acceptable. So it is natural that most sexual encounters occur at night, and many times it is the only time of the day that they can coincide.

Image result for Advantages of making love after a nap

However, it is also known that fatigue kills libido. And when the daily routine, stress, and exhaustion appear, it is difficult for a couple to meet intimately in the most passionate way. In fact, a study from the universities of Michigan and Kent State of Ohio have shown that sleeping well improves sexual desire, especially in the case of women. For us, increasing one hour of sleep can mean an increase of 14% in desiring a physical contact.

So what time of day are we rested and it is neither morning nor night? Yes, mid-afternoon. But usually, only if we take a nap. It seems that resting after about 45 minutes of sleep increases sexual desire, both in men and women.

Therefore, the nap seems the key to a good sex, so it is time to return to that lost habit and enjoy with your partner many more satisfying sexual encounters.

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There is a close relationship between how you were educated and who you are current

Psychology and sexology are beginning to understand the close relationship that exists between adult sexual relationships and all the baggage we bring from childhood: our culture, the way we educate ourselves, the openness to sexuality, social relationships … Such how we were raised is how we make love, some would say. Today we talk about the relationship between sex and parenting.

Some people are pleasantly surprised when they come with fear to the psychological office with a specialist in sexology and realize that the therapy is not just about tips to improve the sexual experience, but a complete review of the way they understand sex and they relate to your sexuality. They are even more surprised when they go deeper into therapy and realize that many sexual attitudes or physical feelings are completely related to the way they were raised.

Some of the most important aspects that have to do with how we deal with our sexuality and what we learned in parenting are these.

How they loved us

Image result for Relationship

The way we were loved and loved during our childhood, mainly by our parents, directly influences how we live interpersonal relationships and our sexual relationships.

For example, the daughters of absent fathers usually have to face problems in their relationship, both effective and sexual, such as guilt or lack of self-esteem at the time of ‘undressing’ (physically and emotionally) before the beloved in a Such an intimate moment as making love.

A person who felt loved in his childhood may not have problems accepting that his partner loves her, but a person who was only loved under conditions (get good grades, help at home, behave well, dress well) could have acceptance problems in the field of love that will directly affect their sexual relationships. For example, that person may tend to focus only on the sexual needs of their partner, leaving aside their own pleasure.

How we talk about sexuality

While before sex was a taboo subject in most families, often related to guilt, frustration or ‘impure’, today the tendency is to talk more about sex with young people, but mainly about issues such as sexual risks, forgetting that sexual health also has to do with self-acceptance, self-esteem, affection, satisfaction or intimacy.

Image result for Relationship

Several studies affirm that we are facing a sexual gap between men and women, where young women are having more problems to reach orgasms and enjoy their sexual relations. ‘Do not forget to use a condom’, ‘be careful with STD’, ‘if you have sex without a condom you can get pregnant’, are the typical phrases of parents and adults towards their children, usually with a reprimanding tone, as if they were to do ‘something bad’.

And although these conversations about sexual safety are absolutely necessary, what about the deep meaning of sex? We often miss when we hear the news as sexual practices between young people totally disconnected with the idea of emotional intimacy and sexuality, as in the case of the game of sexual roulette.

But we do not stop to think if at some point we showed our children or showed us in our childhood that love has to do with sex and with certain sexual manifestations that can naturalize and be seen by the little ones, like kisses, hugs, and caresses outside the sexual intimacy of a couple.

In fact, most professionals in psychology and sexology agree that children should learn about sexuality from an early age. Many point to four years as the best age to start talking about sexuality with children and begin to address issues such as love, the feeling of closeness, fear of rejection, the way they feel physically and how they develop. and they grow.

The sex we learn in the media

The complete lack of sexual education is replaced in most cases by what we learn in other contexts, such as the media. Stereotyped movies, macho scenes and ‘bad’ pornography teach us that sex is a very different thing from what it can be in reality.

Thus, men and women face the bed as if it were a marathon of postures and attitudes of what sex is supposed to be, thinking that they are doing what is expected of them and what the other wants them to do. An erroneous learning of what a sexual relationship can mean, which in most cases translates into sexual dissatisfaction in both partners.

Fortunately, eroticism in the media and pornography itself is beginning to understand that society needs a change in its vision of sex if it wants to enjoy it completely. Therefore, today we find good films about sexuality and erotic books and about very interesting sexuality that help to change all the concepts badly learned in our childhood. Even some porn sites for women are revolutionizing the erotic industry by providing a feminine look that seduces both women and men.

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