Couples that are known by Tinder are more durable and stable

A study suggests that couples that are formed through online dating tend to be more durable and stable.

A scientific study based on mathematical probabilities considers that marriages that arise through online dating are more durable. Are we facing a decisive change in the dynamics of the creation of couples? Keep reading.

Meet your partner in the 21st century

Until the appearance of online dating sites and applications, most couples knew each other through a mutual friend or family reunion. However, what used to be ‘lifelong’ has changed dramatically with the global exchange that the Internet offers.

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More and more people are looking for a partner through online dating apps, thus increasing their chances of finding that ‘half orange’ that ‘should’ be somewhere on the planet. The rise of citations through applications to link has caused the scientific world to turn its analytical gaze towards these ‘new’ social processes that are now an undeniable reality.

For that reason, every so often we have a new study that tells us that the future of dating will still have a lot to do with technology.

Couples known as Tinder are more durable and stable

One of the latest scientific studies we have known has left more than one mouth open. The common sense of those who still do things ‘like all of life’ could think that a couple who is known through an online dating application like Tinder has no future.

But the millennial generation shows again and again that changes can be good and that there are thousands of ways of doing things. And in love, too. Therefore, the results of the mathematical predictions of the research of Josué Ortega, of the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich, of the University of Vienna, throw data out of all logic of the past and more into the reasoning of the present.

You can not ignore reality and that is what science does. Because it is a fact that one-third of heterosexual marriages and up to 70% of homosexual relationships in the United States start online.

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According to the researchers, societies, where online dating is available, will produce marriages that are less likely to break. Ortega and Hergovich have reached this conclusion through complex mathematical models that analyze the evolution in the last decades of variables such as marriage, interracial couples and online dating in the United States.

Thus, his predictions point to greater stability in marriages arising from applications and online dating sites, in addition to demonstrating a relationship between the increase of interracial marriages in the United States with online dating applications. And is that, in addition to increasing the likelihood of meeting someone more related to sentimental level, it seems that online dating apps are breaking the boundaries of racism and social exclusion.

We recognize that the study has not stopped to count the number of couples that have not worked in the field of online dating, but this study opens the door to many others where we can better understand what is the current dynamics of love relationships and what will be the trends of the future.

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