Deal with the debts you left in Poland

Escaping from debt does not mean that problems in Poland have disappeared. In turn, debt does not mean endless troubles – there are ways to get away from financial problems. How to do it and who to report …? We present the story, which encompasses the lives of thousands of Poles living in exile today.

Debt begins where life gets complicated

Robert is a young man who takes the first steps in an adult, independent life. In love with no memory in Monice, decides to declare. Buying a ring consumes all of his savings, but he does not care about it because he got a job in a new, promising company. His fiancé is ascetic, together they plan for a future together.They organize a modest wedding, take a mortgage and buy a small apartment in the center of Katowice.Then everything starts to get complicated. Monika is in an unplanned pregnancy. Robert is panicking, is not ready for fatherhood.

At work everything is ruined, soon after Robert gets a termination. Monica’s parents are trying to help, but young people do not want to live on their own so they take a quick loan for a large amount. Later one more and one more … Money is given away, they do not even have to prove their solvency. A big cash injection is for them as a salvation – they can buy a trolley, crib, repaint the room, pay off another loan installment.

Soon the cash is over, the next few months, and the brides are trying to fix another “hole” in the payments.But this is not enough. They are therefore obliged to repay the former. They do not know yet that the loop is tight. Now it will only be worse … Finally, the creditors will demand repayment obligations. Robert receives the first payment order and learns that the bailiff is in danger. He knows he has to do something – and it’s fast.

– Debt is often the result of ill-considered and hasty decisions. The story of Mr. Robert is fictitious, but it was based on thousands of real, familiar situations. During the day-to-day work, we meet people who have fallen for various reasons on the bend and do not know how to get back straight. They usually do not realize that further debt is not a solution – says Łukasz Białkowski, co-owner of the Debtors’ Office, which runs the Debtor Portal.

Fleeing abroad like a lifebuoy

Robert’s situation is getting worse. Debt grows, no one wants another loan. The debtors urge you to pay – there is no problem when someone calls or writes emails, but the situation gets boring when at 6 am the debt collector pounded on the door while waking up the whole block. Everything is out of control, Robert does not understand why the amount to repay so significantly increased, begins to lose in the legal-financial jargon of documents and does not know what to do. Feeling soggy and tired. The only hope he sees in moving abroad. He wants to leave behind all the problems and completely change his life and his family. It would seem to be the best solution …

“Every one of us wants to escape sometimes, to go somewhere far, to disappear from the field of vision, and thus to forget about the problems. Debtors emigrate in fear of the bailiff, but should be aware that such a move is only a dodge, not a solution. It is worthwhile to calmly rethink our situation and prepare a strategy of action – adds Łukasz Białkowski.

Going abroad does not make the long run disappear

Escaping the bailiff can delay some problems for a while, but they will not go away. Debt continues to grow and systematically grows with further costs and interest. You should think about debt. In such activities, experienced lawyers can assist you effectively in the negotiation with your creditors and / or court hearings.

– The first step in our work is always to thoroughly analyze the documents that give us a full picture of the situation, and we can propose a strategy to rid the client of debt. We are not able to win all the negotiated or process cases, but our efficiency is 70 – 80% – says Łukasz Białkowski.

Imagine that our hero is reporting to our law firm. The attorneys are given a power of attorney and, after consultation with the customer, initiate a debt recovery process. Mr. Robert finally understands his position and sees the possibility of leaving the debt loop. The law firm negotiates with creditors in order to restructure loan agreements, while the others represent the pending processes for payment. Mr. Robert would probably be amazed at how many cases fall into the courts and that there is such a significant reduction in debt …

“For years we have been combining negotiations with procedural defense and knowledge with experience.Only this combination of two seemingly contradictory actions brings the best results. If the above story was not invented for the article, we would probably celebrate another big success – ends Łukasz Białkowski .

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