Do you know your partner? Find out with these basic questions

If you think you know your partner well, these are the basic questions you should be able to answer without thinking twice.

Sometimes we think we know everything about our partner, but maybe that is impossible. A bit of mystery is always encouraging, especially in long relationships, where it is important to know each day something new about our partner. However, there are some essential things we should know about our partner to be able to say that we know her. These are the questions about your partner that you should be able to answer without blinking. Attentive!

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  1. Which is your favorite color? Maybe it’s the typical question, but knowing is basic to know the tastes of your partner.
  2. What is the name of their parents? If you do not know them, it’s time to learn them all at once.
  3. And the name of his brothers or sisters? Yes, of course.
  4. Does he like animals? Prefers cats or dogs, or exotic animals …
  5. Do you have any allergies? Fundamental to know if you can invite him to a dinner with peanuts or if he can visit your house because you have a cat …
  6. Do you have another name? A second name or a family mote …
  7. Is it spiritual? It is important to know if you believe in God or belong to any religion when thinking about your compatibility.
  8. What color are your eyes? You do not know? You’re on the wrong path …
  9. Do you have any distinctive mark on your body? Vaccines, moles … If you know your partner well you know that.
  10. What is your favorite sweet? Delicious!
  11. Which are your hobbies? Knowing what you do in your spare time is very important to find things in common and for future gifts …
  12. What kind of books do you read? If you read, of course.
  13. Who is your best friend? It is important that you know that person because it is a fundamental part of your partner’s life.
  14. What has been your unforgettable trip? And if you have not had it yet, it’s time for it to be with you.
  15. What place would you like to go in your life? If you still do not know him, this is the time to ask him so that one day you can help your partner to make his dream come true.
  16. What did I want to be as a child? If you know this question means that you have already had a deep conversation about your childhood …
  17. Do you want to get married someday?
  18. And have children? It is not about overwhelming anyone, but it is important to be clear so that there will be no clashes in the future …
  19. Do you know how to manage your money? Knowing if you are a saving person is also important, especially if you have prospects for the relationship to go one step further.
  20. What passions and dreams do you have in life?
  21. Would I study the same again? Perhaps you think that another type of professional career would be more suitable for him or her … It is important that you know so that you can support your partner.
  22. What is your zodiac sign? If you know it, you know your date of birth.
  23. What’s your favorite movie?
  24. And your song or musical group?
  25. Do you play any sport?
  26. Do you have healthy living habits?
  27. Would you be willing to live outside your city/country?
  28. Have you had any previous important partners?
  29. What do you regret in your life?
  30. Does it make you happy?

It’s the main answer you should be able to say without blinking, right?

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If you have been able to answer more than 90% of the questions with confidence, you are about to know your partner in depth, although you have almost achieved it. If the total answers are between 70-80% you are on the right track, but you still need to know your partner a little more, so take pencil and paper and do a question session with your partner in which you can both get to know you better And if the total number of answers you could complete does not reach 60%, you still need more conversations and time with your partner to get to know it thoroughly. Maybe you are not long together or your communication is not flowing. Work more on it so that little by little you know yourself much better. Luck!

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