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I couldn’t have written this unless I had walked down the path. You can’t give away something you don’t have. This blog is for all the people like me. The person who knows deep down inside that they are destined to do something great. The person who works in healthcare or already operates an assisted living facility. That person who wants to retire soon. This one is for you.

So what does that mean for you, the prospective facility operator? It means fortunes are being made right now! On any given block in any given community in any city in America, there are small 4-bed, 8-bed houses and, even apartment buildings that have been converted into residential facilities, and are bringing in its operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
Average rates in states for residents differ but are commonly in between $1,700 and $6,000 and up PER MONTH depending on the level of care required. You need to get in now and capitalize on this need for residential placement for the disabled population in America. If you research as thoroughly as I have, you will see that nursing homes are going out of business left and right. At one point in time private corporations, which own most nursing homes, quietly raked in millions for shareholders all across the country. Now, nursing homes are closing down rapidly as local, state, and the federal government seek to cut costs by placing more people into residential facilities.
It just makes more sense. Whereas, in a nursing home a person may be billed $8,000 per month and might have one caregiver to take care of them and nine other residents, in a smaller, community-based facility that same level of care might cost just $6,500 per month and it may be one caregiver to only FOUR residents. Nursing homes are usually always running low on staff to keep costs down, which leads to poor service. You have a great opportunity to outmaneuver the larger corporations by providing what they can’t: A higher level of care.
I just witnessed the largest nursing home in Wisconsin close down last year! They were licensed for 473 beds. That meant several HUNDRED long-term care residents had to find adequate placement in a hurry. Do you think the providers in the area capitalized on this? You can bet they did and many are prospering today because of it.

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The trend has started and the foreseeable future is that more nursing homes will continue to close and when the smoke clears only the best will be standing, but from the ashes will rise a wave of community-based facilities to bridge the gap. It’s simple economics: Supply and demand. The demand for bed space will continue to rise due to a number of factors including the sad fact that in America we don’t take care of our bodies. So, statistically, most of us will end up needing help in our latter years. I wish you good health and I hope that you are practicing good eating habits and exercising regularly. As much as it depends on us as individuals, let’s commit to being in a position to serve others our entire lives, because, after all, that’s what we were made to do and that is what will bring us maximum satisfaction.

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