Do you know what is fellatio? If you do not know, please read it!

Fellatio, it is nothing but caressing the mouth of a male penis. In Polish, and not only in vocabulary, this activity has dozens of names, not necessarily nice sounding, and often even vulgar.

A woman who caresses the male genitals according to some “doing ice cream”, according to others, “slips” or “doing cane”. It’s hard to argue about the nomenclature, in the end it’s a pleasure to come here, not a name. But can every woman know how to make a man of maximum pleasure? Do you have to have the innate talent to learn it?

If you thought that oral sex was invented for pornographic purposes, you are in a great error. Oral sex was great in ancient Egyptians, not to mention the debauched Greeks in ancient times. For one reason, one of the souvenirs that can be brought from contemporary Greece is all kinds of gadgets with drawings of ancient games in which the fellatio, whether it is a double, or a triangle, and even a quadrangle, plays the main role.

The porn industry in the 70’s …

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