Methods to break up with your partner that you should not follow

If you want to break up with your partner, there are better ways to do it than these methods that under no circumstances should you follow.

Your relationship has been broken for a long time, it does not satisfy you and you have decided to break up with your partner. Of course, you are on your right to do so, which does not mean that you can give yourself the license to leave your partner in any way. These methods of breaking are forbidden, so do not follow them, because the break can end badly.

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Respect must prevail over anything, even in a breakup, so it is best to be direct and frank with your feelings towards your partner at the moment of speaking with her and leaving the relationship. That is always the best way to break up with someone, face to face, using some of these phrases to end a relationship without dramas that can save you from uncomfortable situations.

But what you must be clear is that there are things that can not be tolerated, and the fact that you no longer love your partner does not redeem you from being respectful with her and try not to feel embarrassed, offended or humiliated.

So if you want to be a decent person and be able to look in the mirror after the breakup, these are the ways to end your partner that under no circumstances should you follow.

Break with a WhatsApp message

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There is no more impersonal and creeping way than using WhatsApp to break up with your partner. If you want to offend the person who has shared your life with you (even for a short time), that is the correct method. But if you do not want to make her feel bad and affect her self-esteem, forget about ending the relationship by WhatsApp. Maybe it’s easier for you to write a text message, but for your partner to know your decision in this way will be a resounding shock. Do not do it.

Send an email explaining your reasons

Do you think that sitting down to write a long email is a worthy way to break ?. Of course not, even if it’s a very long email, it ‘s totally impersonal, easy to do and it shows that your partner has never cared. At least that’s how you’ll feel when you receive your absurd mail.

If you express yourself better in writing, you can give a farewell letter in which you show your feelings, but always after having a face-to-face conversation with your partner. Remember that respect is the most important thing.

Have pre-rupture sex

Many couples have post-rupture sex as a loving way to say goodbye. Not always the ruptures end so badly, it depends on the situation. But sleeping with your partner as if everything was fine and then give a speech break, is extremely creepy.

Changing the status of Facebook

Has it crossed your mind to do it this way? But what’s wrong with you? Forget it completely because your partner will feel deeply humiliated, you can even affect their self-esteem.

You can not change the status of Facebook without notifying your partner because you can cause chaos in your social networks. Imagine that your partner finds out about your break up because he receives a lot of notifications of encouragement for the breakup. Definitely, the technologies are not good to leave a relationship.

Break up with your partner in front of other people

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The break is an intimate moment and nobody has to feel embarrassed or humiliated in public when your partner decides to end the relationship. You do not know how that person needs to react, and you will not be able to do so if there are relatives, friends or other people in front of you. Also, nobody has to know the reasons for your breakup, that is something private and intimate.

Leave your partner on vacation

Believe it or not, it happens many times more than you think. Sometimes it is not programmed and during a moment as intimate as holidays, the couple’s problems come to light and may end in a break. However, if you already know that you want to break up with your partner, better do it before the holidays, the justest thing is for your partner to know the situation and not be deluded in a moment as a trip together. And if the holidays are already imminent, wait for a little, you will do much less damage.

On his birthday

No comment. Maybe leaving a person on his birthday is as creepy as there may be.

If you want to break your relationship as a couple, it is best to take notes of these tips to end a relationship just started and follow these steps to get out of a toxic relationship, in case you need them.

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