Mistakes that make 9 out of 10 brides, watch out!

The big day is already here. At last! Everything is ready and under control or we believe in many occasions. But beware !, there are always things that we miss, for that and for your great day to be perfect, we show you the 10 mistakes that make 9 out of 10 brides , aim!

1. To believe that everything must be organized by itself, as if by magic

Many times you may think that a wedding is just a big party but it is not. After Day B, there are many months of work and planning by the bride and groom to help you organize every detail. That is why, when you receive the ordering ring, it is best to start thinking about each element so that nothing is forgotten and for that the ideal would be a wedding planner team that will help you to make every detail perfect, from the First time until the day of the wedding.

The nerves will be the main protagonists during all this time and, in many occasions they can betray you, for that the best thing is to leave everything in the hands of professionals experts in the sector of the weddings. You’ll save a lot of headaches! Adornments, decoration, dress, place of celebration, invitations, photographer, ceremony, banquet … There are many things to look out for and take a large list of decisions in which you will need help, as nothing is organized as by art Magic and a much lesser wedding.

2. Make a perfect wedding for others, but not for you.

This is one of the major mistakes that most brides make. Yes, it is true that it is a wedding and many people will pass by that big day, but not because of it you have to organize a link according to the tastes of others.

You have long been waiting for that great day, next to the perfect man, accompanied by the closest relatives and dearest friends, do not let you always remember that day with a feeling of disappointment. That day is for you, for you! Accept it and forget what others think . The wedding is yours and everything has to be to your liking. Do not choose a romantic wedding dress if you prefer a different and very personal wedding. Do not make this big mistake!

Makeup Jorge Fortes for Oui Novias. Photo: Irene Sekulic

3. Delegate to your friends some decisions

It is true that after the invitation to the wedding, good friends are always willing to help and, with so many things to resolve and decide, we often choose to delegate some things to them, but it is not always the right choice. Sometimes it goes well but other times it is not so and a small decision ends up ruining everything.

They are your friends and they know you but their tastes are not yours and your wedding is not your big day, therefore, for much work you have, do not let your friends delegate any task  of organizing your wedding, are your thing. Many are the cases where the wedding day arrives, the DJ does not prick the bride’s favorite songs or the floral decoration of the ceremony is not according to what you had thought. Your friends and family can look out for you, help you and accompany you in the decisions, but these must be yours to make everything go as you always dreamed.

4. Think about saving continuously

The DIY decoration of a wedding allows you to hold a very original link, but you need to have experience in it and know how to make beautiful creations so that everything is a success. Many people consider that entrusting the task of wedding organization to a professional is an unnecessary expense of money. But it is not entirely true, if you want to make a dream link, the participation of professionals  will make the big day come very close to what you had thought. Photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, catering … It will be much better for experts in each sector to take care of every part of your wedding!

Norma Grau

5. Neglect the organization of the ceremony

When planning a wedding, we always concentrate our efforts on finding the best venue, the most exquisite restoration, a good photographer, the ideal music … But what about the ceremony? Whether religious or civil, it is arguably the most important part of the wedding day. It will be the moment in which you unite as a marriage, prepare the readings, the times, some special moment that makes those moments fun and exciting, and think about everything in your happiness. The moment of “yes I want” will always remember you!

6. Do not try on the wedding dress

Yes, we know that it is very obvious that you will attend the test of the dress, which girlfriend does not? But it is not only that, trying on the dress in front of your friends is necessary to see if the arrangements are correct, we still advise you to move in her. Embrace your mother as if it were the wedding day, walk a few minutes, check that you can perform all the movements you will do on day B , with accessories, shoes and veil if you wear. It is very important that day be as comfortable as possible!

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7. Give up one’s personality 

One of the most common and obvious mistakes. As we said before, marriage is just your thing, do not let anyone influence you when making a decision. It must be a romantic film in which you feel the actress but also also the protagonist , because that day everything has to be to your liking and according to your personality. Do not allow anyone to camouflage or force you to organize things that do not go with you, but reflect your tastes 100%.

8. Set aside the hairstyle and make-up test

Many are brides that only focus on the dress for the wedding day. Error! It is true that the model you choose will reflect 70% of your look. But, as the saying goes, the face is the reflection of the soul and that day more than ever will be the one that you should look radiant. For this, you must do a test of makeup and hairstyle according to the wedding dress you have chosen and let you comb by the same professional on the day of the link. The rush and the nerves will betray you if you plan to do it alone on such an important day. Take your time and do several tests until you get the look you feel divine!

Maggie Sottero

9. Forget special thanks to suppliers

Of course, you should thank the friends and family who helped make the great day perfect, including those who have contributed to your wedding list with a gift. But, without a doubt, you do not have to forget a personalized thank you to those who were involved to the maximum so that you always remember the day of your wedding as the happiest: photographer, wedding planner , decorator, hairdresser, etc. One of the most frequent mistakes is not to include a table for them at the banquet, do not forget! They will work all day so that in your wedding nothing goes wrong, even you will like that they are present at certain times.

10. Having Wrong Expectations

The success of the wedding is perhaps of the things that matter most to us in life, yet you can not break your head with false expectations that in much differ from the actual result . Things happen as they have to be, it is true that planning during the previous months helps make the big day perfect but finally everything will be different than you had thought from the beginning. What it is about is the great day you enjoy, without tensions or stress, creating a day full of pleasant moments to remember with a huge smile.

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