Selfies can damage the relationship

Can selfies get to damage relationships? If you want to know, read on.

selfies have become the new reason for the breakup of couples … Well, let’s not get too dramatic, so far it does not seem that studies confirm something like that. However, it seems that they are the cause of more than one couple’s argument that can damage the relationship. You know why? Surely you’re imagining it … But, we’ll tell you.

Selfies cause jealousy

Exact! Let’s take a practical example: your boyfriend uploads a selfie in which he is gorgeous, and as if it were a Kardashian, at the moment there are a lot of likes and comments that are somewhat insinuating that make you angry. An innocent selfie can turn into a circle of jealousy for no reason that will end up damaging your relationship if you do not control them.

Jealous people can feel much more insecure even because of their partners’ selfies, where they appear with other friends, where they show a bit of ‘meat’ or simply by showing that they can also be happy with their partner (Something healthy, by the way.) The counterpart feels a complete lack of freedom when his partner reproaches him for why he put that or another photo on his profile, something that he should have the right to do autonomously and privately (even if he shows his life to thousands of people).

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Anyway, a selfie can cause problems, but before nodding as if you were totally in agreement, maybe it would be good if you stopped to ask ‘is it the selfie, is it my partner or am I?’ Because no relationship is built under distrust. If you have problems of pathological jealousy, you should recognize the selfie is just one more excuse and that it is time to start changing some things.

In short, it is not difficult to imagine this and many other situations can trigger couple problems due to a selfie.

Disagreements about ‘what is shown’

Another practical example: your husband loves to put pictures on his social networks for everything you do. When you go to the park with the children, when you go to a restaurant, your new shoes … Sometimes you feel that others live more your life than yourself.

Yes, selfies are also a subject of discussion among couples when one of the members is more introverted and likes to enjoy their privacy. Some even come to recriminate why to show an image of their relationship that is also false or not entirely real. For many people, this can be a real problem to the point of damaging the relationship, so in that sense, it is important to discuss the matter and make agreements.

In addition, many people may feel offended if their partner does not take them into account when publishing something, so they feel it as a selfish act that will obviously end up damaging the relationship.

Narcissism reaches its highest point

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Researchers Daniel Halpern and Sebasti√°n Valenzuela concluded in an investigation that selfies increase levels of narcissism. The more selfies you take, the more narcissistic you become. So those people who have a relationship with a narcissistic partner, they end up pulling their hair at the exaggeration of selfies that your partner takes at all times !.

Listen to me!

For many people, it can be frustrating to have a couple’s date and the phone to come between the two to make a selfie after another. A relationship is a matter of two, not three! Selfies, social networks, Whatsapp, messages, notifications … that end up spoiling the evening. The arguments of the couple for this type of situations are very habitual and can get to damage the relationship. You sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to have a long conversation with your partner.

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