Valentine’s Day: Plans for couples with children

Couples with children can also enjoy Valentine’s Day. We propose a series of ideas for you and yours to enjoy one of the most emotional celebrations of the year.

February 14 can also be celebrated as a family. Not only are there plans for two, you can spend an unforgettable day with your family and make your own tribute to Cupid. The fact that you have had children does not mean that you have to stop celebrating this celebration in which love and friendship are worshiped. Organize something special for your family and enjoy the day distributing a lot of love. If every day you share your love with your partner and your family, why not do the same on February 14? We give you some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. It seems that when you have children, you have to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day, but nothing is further from reality. You can take advantage of this date to spend a good day with the family. There are numerous alternatives.

Decorate the house with Valentine motifs

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Help your children to make paper hearts, buy flowers … and make your house reflect that it is not just another day, but a very special date. Here we give you some ideas to decorate your house on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s gifts among all

ideas to celebrate valentine with the children

Give some detail among all the members of the family. You can buy those of the children and encourage them to think of something to give to their brothers and to you. Strengthen family ties. Another option is to exchange gifts with your own hands, like these Valentine heart gloves.

Prepare a special Valentine’s dinner together

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For breakfast or lunch, prepare a special Valentine’s meal for everyone. If you do not have much time, make the dessert special. There are many alternatives for that day in the bakeries. Another option is to go out to eat outside the house on the occasion of the celebration.

Valentine’s party at home

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Make a small party at home. You can invite a friend of the children and their parents or more family members. The idea is that this special day you can celebrate together the day of love and friendship.

Heart shaped cookies

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The children will have a special time with a family pastry session where you create cookies and heart shaped sweets and surprise each other. And if you want to surprise the whole family on Valentine’s Day, do not miss this cookie cake to fall in love with Valentine’s Day.

Create a fun Valentine’s game

Ceelebrate Saint Valentine in family

You can hide different cards with tests of the family love of Valentine’s Day such as hugs, kisses, make an improvised gift, a drawing … You will have a great time enjoying it with your family and your children will learn to appreciate the importance of love.

Seek a moment for yourselves

plans to celebrate valentine with the children

And, of course, when the children go to bed, you can enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s evening with your partner in your own home.

Who said that you can only enjoy Valentine’s Day as a couple? Turn this celebration into a party with your partner and your children, the people you love the most in the world. Can there be a better plan?

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